WIN one of these hampers in 3 easy steps

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WIN one of these hampers in 3 easy steps

WIN one of these hampers in 3 easy steps


Stand a chance to win a 613V 195/R15C Bridgestone Taxi Tyre set (4), a Pioneer 2 Speaker Radio Combo DXT- S116UB, Elf Engine Oil hamper, a Taxi Care hamper or 2 Emergency kits !


To enter the lucky draw, simply pay for your parts, show the cashier your vaccination card and drop your entry into the box.


Not vaccinated? No problem! Visit the SA Taxi Vaccination Centre at 179 15th Road, Randjespark to get your shot!


T&Cs apply. Competition closes on 31 October.

COVID-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw


Terms and Conditions


1.  Entry into the lucky draw is being given by SA Taxi Auto Parts subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.


2. Any persons taking part in this promotion (“Participant” and/or “you”) accepts and agrees that they have had an opportunity to read and consider these Terms and Conditions and that they are bound by these Terms and Conditions.


3. You acknowledge that by participating in the COVID-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw you:
3.1.  have been given an opportunity to read these Terms and Conditions and that you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions; and
3.2. understand that this COVID-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw is presented to you at the discretion of SA Taxi Auto Parts and subject to these Terms and Conditions.


4. The purpose of presenting this COVID-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw to qualifying Participants is to encourage and reward people to be vaccinated against COVID-19 within the Republic of South Africa so that herd immunity can be reached.




5. The competition is valid from the 14th of September 2021 until the 31st of October 2021, unless withdrawn by SA Taxi Auto Parts earlier. The competition shall not be available for entry on any other day.


6. SA Taxi Auto Parts reserves the right (and its sole and absolute discretion) to extend, shorten and/or suspend the time period of the competition and/or terminate the granting of entries for technical, commercial, and/or operational reasons, or for any other reasons beyond its control. The COVID-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw and Terms and Conditions may be reasonably amended by SA Taxi Auto Parts, at any time. In such event, all Participants waive any rights that they may have/purport to have in terms of these terms and conditions, and acknowledge that they shall have no recourse against SA Taxi Auto Parts whatsoever


Qualifying Criteria for COVID-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw Entries:


7. In order to participate, you must comply with the following requirements:
7.1.  You must show a valid COVID-19 Vaccination card, and a valid Identity Document or passport to the cashier in the SA Taxi Auto Parts store on the days in which you make your competition entry. Should you not have your Vaccination Card and/or Identity Document and/or Passport with you at the Store, then you shall not be entitled to the lucky draw.
7.8. The COVID-19 Vaccination Luck Draw Entry is only valid once proof of a COVID-19 Vaccination is shown and no other proof of any other vaccination will be accepted.
7.9. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash.


Who Is Eligible To Participate?


8. The COVID-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw is only applicable to natural persons who are over the age of 18 (eighteen) years or older who have received a COVID-19 Vaccination and are in possession of a valid SA Taxi Auto Parts Invoice Number within the Republic of South Africa and subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.


9. The following persons shall not be eligible to enter the COVID-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw on the participating dates:
9.1.  No director, employee, agent or consultant of SA Taxi Auto Parts;
9.2. any other subsidiary or associated person who controls or is controlled by SA Taxi Auto Parts;
9.3. the marketer of the promotion and/ or Agencies of SA Taxi Auto Parts or their spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members, may enter.


10. SA Taxi Auto Parts reserves the right to refuse to grant any person an entry in the event that SA Taxi Auto Parts, in its sole discretion, determine that the participant has not complied with all terms and conditions.


The Prize


11. By complying with these terms and conditions, participants are able to stand the chance to win one of the following prizes in a lucky draws:


1st prize: 613V 195/R15C Bridgestone Taxi Tyre set (4)

2nd prize: Pioneer 2 Speaker Radio Combo DXT- S116UB

3rd prize x4: Elf Engine Oil Hamper (Oil, Sumpy, bag, lipbalm etc)

4th prize x2: Emergency kits (includes Jack, Fire extinguisher, Triangle & wheel spanner.)

5th prize x 4: Car Care hamper (Mixed goodies)

Winners will be announced on 2 November 2021.




12. The COVID-19 Vaccination entry is not transferrable and may not be exchanged for cash or any other items.


13. If you fail to comply with any of these rules or the terms of acceptance, the participant will be disqualified and will forfeit the competition entry.


15. SA Taxi Auto Parts reserves the right to disqualify any person suspected of fraud and/or cheating including without limitations, through the manipulation and/or falsifying of data.




16. By entering the competition, you unconditionally and irrevocably indemnifies and holds harmless SA Taxi Auto Parts, as well as its holding company, its subsidiaries and any subsidiaries of its holding company, and their successors and assigns, directors, employees, agents or consultants against all and any losses, claims, proceeding, actions, damages, (direct, consequential or otherwise) liability, demands, expenses, legal costs (on an attorney and own client basis) howsoever arising out of, based upon, or in connection with (directly or indirectly) the Participant’s participation in this promotion.


17. SA Taxi Auto Parts and its service providers, are not responsible for:
17.1.  technical malfunction of awarded prizes;
17.2. Systems errors which does not allow SA Taxi Auto Parts to process the entry;
17.3. lost or delayed data transmission, omission, interruption, deletion, line failure or malfunction of any telephone network or computer equipment or software; and/or


18. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform that may be used as an intermediary.


Personal Information


19. You consent to the collection and processing of your personal information (including personal information contained in electronic communications) by SA Taxi Auto Parts for the purposes of entering the COVID-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw. It is recorded that SA Taxi Auto Parts, will require you to present your personal information in order to qualify for the competition but SA Taxi Auto Parts shall not record your personal information or retain copies of the documentation containing your personal information.


20. SA Taxi Auto Parts shall process any and all Personal Information collected for the purposes of granting the competition entry in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act.




21. Should any dispute arise in relation to these Terms and Conditions, SA Taxi Auto Part’s decision shall be final and binding and no additional correspondence shall be entered into by SA Taxi Auto Parts.